Favorite Technologies:


  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Python


  • MEAN
  • LAMP


  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • Wordpress Themes

“No alarm clock needed My passion wakes me.”


The entire index.pug file rendering this page

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This Site

This site is built in Node.js using the express library to handle the backend, and modular pug templated HTML for the frontend. I also did 100% of the design.

The start of our first OOP lesson

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Python Lessons

I've started teaching some friends programming using Python as the teaching language so I've been creating ordered lessons and teaching them interactively in video chats while sharing my screen. I've learned a lot about how to teach a group of people and lead an online meeting. It's also been a great way to re-enforce my knowledge.

The spiral of buildings the script creates as it levels up

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Screeps is a game where you write scripts to control an ever-growing army of mindless entities that have no functionality outside of your scripts. Yes, even the video games I play involve programming...

Quick Developer Resume

I've been teaching myself to code, and expanding my knowledge almost everyday since mid-2017. I started learning front-end web development and have slowly worked into more and more back-end development.

I worked as an intern at Bigwheel, a local marketing agency, for about 6 months. I came back full time for about 3 months before being laid off because of a shortage of work.

I may not have much professional experience, but my soft skills and determination will get me through anything.